10 Tips on How to Make Unique Hip Hop Beats

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A lot of individuals fail to understand what it takes to come up with hip hop and rap beats. For some, they think that producing such great beats come rather by chance than hard work. The truth is that all those individuals who have excelled have dedicated time and effort in order to come up with great beats.

It should always be remembered that even the simplest form of hip hop beat that we can think of is complex and above all, it takes determination and bravery to make one. Most of us think that modern rap beats are minimalist sounding beats that can be created within a short period of time.

Now, having understood that it takes effort and time to such beats, how best can we approach this amazing activity? Honestly, the production of quality beats is a long but interesting process.

Below you can find 10 tips that will enable you to make state-of-the-art hiphop beats.

1.Go for tight soundsĀ Exclusive beats for sale
Regardless of how well you have thought out a beat, it will never be a great beat if you don’t select good sounds. It is advisable to go for loops and drum kits that have extra flair.

2.You should understand the structure of the beat
Different rules apply in different genres of music. Ideally, hip hop beats have syncopated kicks as well as snares. This calls for the need to understand various beats that will apply to various songs.

3.Make instrumental Loops
If you fail to make use of loops, it is less likely that you will come up with good hip hop beats. Various rap producers make use of different instruments so as to come up with unique instrumental loops. The types of sound that are used should reflect the emotions that a particular track conveys.

4.Make a bass line
Once you have written your loops, it will be easy to make the base lines. Good bass lines are subtle and they will add to the quality of the song.

5.Add some effects
It is advisable to add some reverb to the snare or clap. However, the effects should be used in moderation so that they do not distort the quality of the track.

6.Master the tracks
It is advisable to ensure that the beat is loud so that it can be heard comfortably without overpowering the melody. Mastering the tracks demands time and therefore you should be patient and determined.

7.Find a unique influence
The creation of quality hip hop beats demands an understanding of what it takes to produce hip hop beats. You may need to study and evaluate what makes a musician, a producer, a vocalist and a composer. Why do they sound the way they sound? By listening and studying various styles, you will be headed straight to becoming the next big thing.

8.Don’t forget to pan
Panning is a hip hop art that most of us tend to overlook. It is advisable to make use of panning as it is one method that has yielded great beats.

9.Learn about drums and other instruments
Great hip hop beats demands an understanding of how to use various musical instruments. If you will be able to make use of such instruments successfully, they you will be better placed to produce good beats.

10.Build your own sound library
The sounds that are used to build the beats can come from everywhere. It is good to keep a unique and diverse collection of sounds since they will add up to the production of lovely rap beats.

The bottom line
Building hip hop beats is an interesting endeavor especially if we have the necessary tips on how to go about it. It should be remembered that there are several tips that can be adopted in the event of building hip hop beats. However, all the strategies and tips will lead us to the achievement of one objective – building superior hip hop beats.

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